March 23, 2011

thats my fault ? umm ,

okey , i started my day with wearing blue baju kurung and tdung RWC which is buy
with k.liza and k. nona .. yes , im very energatic for whole day i wish..

some how , an unexpected situation was ruin my mood , it is started when cik boss gave me a bunch of book which is about yearly federal report and asked me to do analsys during the year .
watthaa ! im only practical student okey, perlukah aku nak bwt analisis bagai like orang yg mmg fulltime keje kat situ says k.veron time aku sempat bersoksek dgn dia dlm toilet .. ahaha

then , okey tape .. bnde tu pun for gaining my experiance kan .. fine . take it !

time for going back , mon picked me up as usual .. nothing different .. so , i drove to go home for every evening bcoz mon will drive every morning ..
hehe .. yes , ni part yg mmg never happen lah kan , tgh aku drive pada gear 4 , my car become slow and slow .. i was thought that , 'minyak habis ke?' and seen the meter , ' yaa .. mmg meter nih pun rosak .. and mmg cnfirm myk habis !'
so .. that time my car in the middle of jlnraya .. oh ,. serious bederau darah mmandangkan jalan yg sesak time org blik keje pada jalanraya sehala ! so , im slowly himpit ke tepi and like always pengguna jalanraya akan bunyik kan hon bile ade kete yang bersailang kat depan . ok , aku bkn sengaja eh..

but , luckly one of my friend which is bf mon came and help us for find the petrol station .. yaa..
thanks a lot to him !! kalau tade dia , mmg i terpaksa kol ayh and bwk 4wheeldrive la jawabnye trus ! kahkah !! after the bad thing happen , i drove home alone and 1 bad thing happen again .. mmmmm .. yang nih aku mls nak mention kat sini , but the effect from accident , my leftside signal was broke :( *gulp .

kata org , 1 gambar byk cerita disebaliknye ,
jadi mari letak 1 gambar yang kelihatan seperti mengantuk tahap gaban tapi bahagia dan innocent .
*muka penuh makna tersirat

dah la skg tgh sengkek ., and after this , i'll take care of my car with a lot of love <3
my lil blacky car , ily . dont mess me up darl :((