July 15, 2011

my little tiny tiny bit of mind

done tidy up my room , pamper my self

"Friday morning , just woke up as usual since needed to go work. really grateful for all I've now .. even thought I'm not anak dato' or have some title on my name, it's okay . I'm free to have friend as much as i want . no strictly. generally ,. dammit, i just do anything i love but sorry if it's make anybody hurt or seems like heart-breaker or being sinful women. yeah .. suddenly, thought u should not be marrying the wrong girl meh. haha ! aiyoh.. so sudden .. no need to gopoh dude .. please be matured .. you already grown up !! I'm still childish as you said and saw.i never thought the stupid bullshit dem thing for this moment are something and I'm nothing .. kyaahh .. they left me speechless "