March 14, 2011

i really mean it

my life change at all .

no more tido lambat ,
no more fb-ing whole day ,
no more updating blog every single day,
no more wake up on 11am,
no more mkn mkanan cafe ,
no more go to lecture class,
no more walk to class ,
no more meet my classmate ,
no more ponteng class yg bosan ,
no more eat mee maggie with housemate ,
no more kacau tyra, wafa, fazz , k.nisa, k.wani , ifa and mon,
no more upload the latest pic i've been taken,
no more got some stuff from my friend like exam paper , food for dinner and etc,
no more woke up with hair like a shieeet and go to room 1 and 2 for bertegur sapa ,
no more cooking for dinner together-gether with them ,
no more download latest song with them ,
no more hang out , shopping , karoke , and etc ,

no more , no more dear ..
i really miss that moment .. seriously -_-

please go back to the past ,.
*sgt karut*
i need more time to spend with them .

mood : sad and bored . fullstop !