April 25, 2011

hari nih office aku dorg gaji . aku ?

hoping and hopeless
not good habit . bila aku start berharap dan mengharapkan sesuatu . mesti aku nak benda tuh aku dapat dan terjadi . but , bila apa yang aku harapkan tak dapat , aku jadi seorang yang sangat down ! tapi kanapa kan?
benda tu hanya lah harapan . there are 50 50 either u got it or not . so ,dont blame yourself .

hopeless . bila dah terasa down , automatically you akn rasa hopeless . ' aku tak nak berharap dah lepas nih ' , or ' malas dah aku nak berharap ...' . it is loser? but if berharap tapi tak dapat pun blh jgk di ketegorikan sebagai loser kan ? kau tak dapat apa yang kau nak!

fine . dulu aku banyak berharap . im hope that i'll be the happiest person in this wolrd . . .

Ever since I was a baby girl I had a dream.. Cinderella theme , Crazy as it seems .
Always knew that deep inside that there would come that day , But I would have to wait and make so many mistakes . I couldn't comprehend as I watched it unfold . this classic story told I left it in the cold
Walking through an open door that led me back to you .Each one unlocking more of the truth .

I finally know that I needed to grow
And finally my mate has met my soul .

Fairy tales ,
When i was a small girls .. i love cinderella story and fairly tale.
i wish that somedays if i am the lucky one,i can meet fairly as friends and i would talk to the animal..
and i belive that's always a good and happy ending behind after the suffering front.
but is it fairly tale really exist in our life..?