May 16, 2011

pissed off

i remember the moment during 2 month ago . while i'm be a practical student , seriously tired and exhausted .. and everyday i thought to just further study forever ~ work makes you feel like hell .. face the weird boss , work with mcik staff , meet the pcik stalker . yes , mmg annoying and boring !

and the situation after work , drive to back home .. meet my roomate , soksek soksek for a while before taking shower and do the routine like iron bju untuk g keje esok , kemas barang nk bwk , planning for what i'm going to lunch .. and bla bla blaa .. and i remembered , toilet is far away from my room ,. and sometimes , bile tgh syok mandi , suddenly air tade ,. itu memang gurauan kasar name nye .. haha !

2 week before finished my LI , its very hard time to me . aku pun tatau mcm mane aku boleh survive dlm situation mcm tuh . when its started by my stuff has been stolen , and i got 2 summon from jpj and MPP .. and other thing i cant mention ..

now, i realized that behind the hard time ,. you will get better than you wish .

thanks god.