May 20, 2011

kite mengharap, sesuatu itu pasti . ??? .

satu dua tiga . lepas tiga enam ! haha . ape lah , lepas tiga empat lah.. benda senang pun tatau ..
kadang kadang sebagai manusia di muka bumi nih mmg tak lepas dari buat salah kan? boleh ke kalau lepas buat salah , then org tuh abaikan and terima kite ? benda yang kecik pun kau boleh salah ! tatau la nk ckp hape dah .. ok , aku pun tatau . tapi kalau aku yang buat salah mmgg aku harapkan org tuh abaikan je ! ngaha !

pergh mata hijau dengan muke berbulu . mcm hape eh ?

okay , looks .
enough okay . acting like you so desperate . are you dreaming or something ? i don't know whats on your mind . i didn't do anything for you since we know each other but why you keeping your eyes on and starring at me? serious, you're so annoying ! i don't know what your feeling on me . i've my own life ! you know that right? please go away ! give up on me .. honestly, you're good looking , smart and for sure can get another better and awesome chick rather then me. but why? i repeat , you're so annoying ! even though i never replay your text , you still keep texting me . not one and two text by day but one till seven and more by one hour plus a bunch of missed call ! it is really insane! pity you dude . you put your self in wrong way.

done . i'm waiting for more important thing right now , semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan . amin .