April 01, 2011

for almost half month i didnt updated my blog * propa !

i felt .. felt like .. i dont know .. suddenly i do this entry after
seeing someone who i care .. -_-"

and ,
for that person .. this is truly honour from me
i didnt hurt you ,
i didnt bother you ,
i didnt do something makes you being unpatient ,
i didnt do anything ..

im only sitting and listen to music alone
im only sitting and didnt bother other person at all

but why i got all of this .. im try to be a good girl .
*okey for this situation .. i cant mention

this is how i feel right now ..
every single thing i've done , i'll get a very, very , GOOOD criticism from *** .
fine , you're a BIG , BIG , BIG and BIG .. you have everything.. i admit it ..
please treat me well .. -_-

i do really tired with all of this . serious . serious ****

thanks for everything .