June 01, 2011

flying without wing

okay. my 1st day is soo awesome ! feeling seems the kupu2 terbang2 all the time :D hihi .. dorg sume sumpa mmg best ! mmg berbeza dripada tmpat aku keje lu .. tp tatau la sbb ni bru lagi kan . and the buddy yg guide , he's very kind ! and 1st time i saw him this morning ,.. i'm melt ~! yaaa ~ :") seriously ! soo nice and smart beside cute maaaa !! shit !dah ada gf ke dia ? erk .. i thought he have.. bt, but , but .. bebee u'r still owner on my heart okey .. :) dont worry .. !

so,. overall..
i'm happy with this job . bt later on .. i dont know yet :)

breakfast and lunch harini di sponsor ! thanks a lot ya ! i loikee that miss linda .. suke makkk ~!